A guide to choosing your wedding video style

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Searching for your wedding videographer is a big deal, and can take a while! You want to find a professional who’s work you adore, who is understanding, talented and of course, somebody you feel comfortable with! When looking through different styles, you will most probably come across some shorthand terms that you may not be too familiar with. I have written this article to help you understand these terms and give you a better understanding of what you are really looking for. After all, everybody likes different styles and have their own dreams of how they would like their wedding video to turn out!



Journalistic is a pretty hot topic when it comes to videography but what does it really mean? This style basically means that the videographer will capture the events of the day as they naturally happen with little direction. This lets each wedding take on its own pace or flow. If you choose a videographer who shoots in a journalistic style they will typically stay unobtrusively within the background and hustle and bustle of your day, there will not be so much interaction with the couple or the guests as their job is to capture the candid moments as they happen naturally. If you want a true journalistic wedding video, I suggest having multiple cameras at different locations so that nothing is missed. 


A traditional style of videography is what you might expect if you were to ask a family member to video your big day (although I hope if hiring a professional there will be much better camera work!) Your day will be pretty much filmed from start to finish with minimal editing. You can expect for a traditional video to last anything from 2 to 5 hours. 

These videos are actually becoming less pop

lar, therefore fewer videographers are offering this service. Many people now want more of a modern approach but if you still adore of watching your whole day back the old fashioned way, I say go for it! 


Cinematic is my absolute favourite (okay, I may be a little biased) but really, this is the one style where you will really feel the emotion and love of the day through your video, this style uses strong visual elements that will engage the emotions of viewers. Videographers who shoot in Cinematic are likely to interact significantly with the couple and wedding guests during the day in much the same way as a wedding photographer. Your video will be edited to tell your story in a film like way, with the use of colour and contrast enhancing, music and slow motions. The best way to find your dream cinematic videographer is to simple watch demo video’s and find the videographer who you believe is going to convey your story in a style you adore. Lastly cinematic wedding films usually require more time editing post wedding day. Rather than relying on the chronology of the day’s events, your videographer will spend many hours sourcing through hundreds of clips with various camera angles in order to create a dynamic and intriguing story.



Marryoke is a very unusual but equally fabulous style of videography which basically resembles a music video! This style is where the couple, the wedding party and guests attending, mime to a particular song at various points throughout the day and then this is edited into a music video by the videographer. These sort of videos are hilarious to watch (and film!) but due to the amount of directed filming that needs to take place, it can take away from the wedding day. There are many companies that offer this as an add on to a regular videography package so you may be able to get best of both worlds, but if you would like to remember your special day exactly how it happened, this probably isn’t the option for you!  

Now, I hope this gave you a little more insight into the different styles you have to choose from when searching for your dream wedding videographer, any questions please feel free to send me an email, I would love to hear what you have chosen!

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