The importance of lighting at your destination wedding venue

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Everything on your wedding day should be as perfect as you’ve imagined it. You’ve spent months planning every detail, from the cake, to your dress, and your flowers, which is why the lighting on your big day should be just as important.  Light is the primary creative source that allows us professionals to produce better photos and videos for our clients.  Simply put: the better the light, the better the product. Let me explain to you how the right lighting can enhance that first dance, the memorable speeches, and even highlight the venue in ways you never knew were possible.

When lighting is set correctly, it allows photographers and videographers to cover more area, photograph more guests and capture footage that otherwise would not be possible (in the dark). It will add great texture and dimensions to your wedding photography in addition to enhancing the mood of the photographs. Not only will good lighting help your wedding videographer/photographer tremendously but it really boosts the ambience of the space

into an area that oozes warm and intimacy, good lighting brings an emotional feeling to the footage which takes the finished product to a 10 out of 10 in seconds. When I explain this topic to clients, I like to put it across like this – Wedding lighting is like putting icing on the cake. You have put tremendous amounts of time into choosing the perfect wedding décor and floral designs for your day, why would you not choose to enhance these properties by shining beautiful lights onto them? 

But remember to not go too OTT with lighting, this can backfire….the placement of the lights in addition to the quality, the colour and the amount of lights all need to be taken into account. I have seen many people really attempting to add additional lighting to their wedding but by over-lighting with bad quality equipment and adding strobes and different textures, has actually had the knock on effect. Adding lights that strobe, or change colour constantly makes it really difficult for your photographer/videographer to capture candid moments.

We all know, lighting can be expensive but this is definitely an area you do not want to cut back on. 90% of what happens at a destination wedding’s reception happens on the dance floor so be sure to pay extra attention to this area. Also consider where you are giving speeches and cutting your cake so these precious moments can be captured in the best quality possible!

And remember guys, It is very important that you make sure your DJ-lighting company are aware of this issue. Normally they are the ones wanting to set the mood for the first dance by putting magenta lights all over the place. The results? A mangenta bride, a magenta dress, a magenta groom and so on….. We are not capable by any means to “defeat” this light with our own gear. So in order for you to get the best lighting during these candid moments, always ask for white lighting!! Not only will you be thankful you did this for the rest of your life but so will your photographer/videographer!

That’s all from me today but if you have any questions about this topic or would like to run me through some lighting options/ideas you have come up with please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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