What is a love story wedding video and how can I get one?

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Hiring a professional wedding videographer is something you certainly won’t regret. Many people see it as an unnecessary spend throughout the planning stages of their dream day but once their special day has been and gone, it is this decision that comes back to haunt them – not having all those beautiful candid moments of their day on a video that both they and their family can look back on for years to come! If you adore the idea of a wedding video but are searching for something with a bit of a twist, I may have just the thing for you – A love story film! Let me explain further…. 

A love story is a short wedding ‘film’ that showcases yours and your fiancé’s own unique love story! It varies from a usual wedding video by the fact that it not only includes footage of the wedding day but both before and after. Think of it as your own mini version of a Nicholas Sparks film girls 😉 

You may choose to include some personal interviews of each other talking into the camera about how you first met, how you fell in love with each other and of course any particular events along the way! I always encourage my clients to share the day of the proposal with the cameras in addition to how they are feeling about the run up to the big day, this really makes a lovely transition into the wedding day. Many include pictures, voice notes and at home videos –it is completely up to you how traditional or funky you would like it to be, after all this film is all about how you came together and the memories you have made along the way, meaning it should portray your personalities perfectly!

To make sure you get a love story you are proud of, make sure your videographer spends extra time with you beyond the wedding day, really digging in and exploring how your story is one of a kind, you may feel like they are delving a little into your backstory but I promise, this is what is going to make it really personal! If they are anything like me, they will have true passion behind creating you a unique keepsake that you are going to feel so emotionally connected too you will want to watch it every day! 

If anybody has any additional questions about a Love Film or would like to see some examples feel free to get in touch, I would love to help you!

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