Why should I hire a professional wedding videographer?

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With so much going on during your wedding day, it’s inevitable that the whole day could turn into a bit of a blur. The amount of times I have heard from newlyweds that their dream day just flew by is uncountable! But don’t worry, there is a very simple solution for making sure all the memories of your special day remain – a wedding video! Below I state a few points why you should hire a professional wedding videographer to capture these candid moments and give them to you in your very own wedding video that is going to last a lifetime.

Something you can cherish for many years to come. 

This goes without saying, imagine being able to relive your wedding day over and over again…. how wonderful (It might get a little obsessive at first but I can assure your husbands it will calm down over time :P). Now, with modern technology your wedding can be viewed for many generations to come and this can be something that your children and their children cherish for a very long time. Capturing the emotions, real life sound and voices of your close ones during your big day is something so special that unfortunately photography just doesn’t do. 

You aren’t able to be in multiple places at once. 

Picture the bride once she is getting ready, or the groom….it is impossible for them to see everything else that is going on around them. Only with the help of video is this made possible. What feeling of excitement it is to sit down for the first time together to watch your wedding film and see everybody’s emotions and the stages of events throughout your day unfold in front of you (grab the tissues!)

Something to share with family & friends. 

Even though having a destination wedding is such a wonderful choice (especially if it’s in Riviera Maya, Mexico), it could mean that not everybody you would like to attend your special day can be there. With the technology of today’s world, it is as easy as two clicks to share your big day with all your loved ones through social media platforms such as Facebook. You could even hold a small reception back home for all those that weren’t able to make it with your wedding video showing on a large screen. 


When It comes to choosing and securing your wedding videographer, the old saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly applies. I completely understand how hiring a videographer can seem like an unnecessary expensive, especially when the wedding budget is quickly being eaten away but let me assure you, if you find somebody you feel comfortable with, who is professional and has a very high quality of service and work, you will never look back. I am not able to speak for every ‘professional’ but for my clients I make sure they get assistance with the flow of their big day, expertise on where to set up the cameras, and always suggestions on the best time and place for a certain shot, scene or particular look, we are trained to get the results you are looking for, and are going to adore!

Staring in your very own personal movie. 

Video, especially wedding video has changed considerably in the last decade and if you have done your research into cinematic wedding videos you will soon see that a modern wedding video is much closer to a Hollywood movie then it has ever been! Choosing the right videographer for you is essential to achieving your very own film that you are 100% truly happy with. 

I hope this has given you a little more insight into the advantages of hiring a wedding videographer for your big day and I do hope you consider this (even if it is not with me) as I would HATE for anybody passing through my website to not have the pleasure of watching their wedding video for many years to come.

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