Ways in which wedding videography has changed over the years

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If you still picture wedding videography as those long, boring videos shot from the back of a dark room – think again! Long gone are the days of cheesy interviews, blurry footage and bulky cameras. Technology has really changed a huge amount in the last decade, and wedding videography has definitely seen major improvements not only when it comes to quality of films but also a huge increase in wedding styles. Below I have listed a couple of ways things have changed that specifically stand out to me – I hope you find it an interesting ready! 

Videography Equipment will look similar to your photographer’s gear – long gone are the days of videographers carrying around large bulky film gear. 

Videographers now do not need to use large bulky camcorders in order to capture your special day. Even though you may feel their equipment looks sort of minimal and small, I can assure you…the footage captured by this gear will be of very high quality. Videography equipment is now so compact it allows us videographers to move freely without causing any inconvenience’s to the flow of a client’s special day. In fact, you may not notice us at all, we really are that good at blending in with the crowd! 

There will be no need for your videographer to be glued to a tripod the whole day!

Now that us videographers do not need to depend on using a tripod all day in order to gain stabiliation, we are able to move much for freely and shoot from different angles. The good news for clients is that they are able to get fun, creative shots without being limited by bulky equipment getting in the way! We can also join in on the fun…

There are now so many options! 

Guys, your film doesn’t have to be a wedding video from the 70’s, 3 hours of long, drawn out footage where all you really want it to do is end! Within my packages (and many other photographers) you will be given firstly a 3-5 minute short highlight video that shares a summary of your special day – this is perfect to post on your social media accounts! You will then be given your longer 20-30 minute wedding film, and this is where the real magic happens! You can even download these onto numerous USB sticks and give them out to your nearest and dearest to treasure, I am sure they will be delighted! 

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