Wedding photographer vs wedding videographer

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I know the title seems as if I am about to write this blog post based on the competition between the two vendors but I promise, this is certainly not my intention! The bold title was purely to draw your attention to a very important matter – that your destination wedding photographer and videographer must work together as a team! 

The best option (in my opinion) would be to hire your photographer and videographer here in Riviera Maya from the same company. This ensures both parties not only know each other but have worked together successfully on numerous occasions (It should also cut the emailing back and forward in half!). If this isn’t possible, and you fall in love with two separate vendors working under separate names this is not a problem. I would simply suggest that you ask them to get in touch with each other before your special day to become familiar with how the other works and what equipment each will be using (for example, if your videographer will be using a drone to gain drone footage throughout your day, it would be a very good idea for your wedding photographer to have this in mind so they can plan the photography timeline accordingly) 

In Riviera Maya Mexico, there are large amounts of photographers and videographers living and working here, but this does not mean that we don’t have our personal connections with each other. When speaking to your potential photographer, it may be a nice idea to ask who they recommend for videography, if they do not have somebody particularly in house, they should be able to recommend a small handful of companies that they have had great personal experiences with. This not only ensures you hire a wonderfully talented videographer but also increases the chances of both vendors enjoying working together – which lets the creativity flow! 

The importance of this subject usually gets looked over but I can assure you, not only will you feel less pressure, knowing your vendors are working as a team but both vendors will be very thankful to work with someone they not only admire and love the work of but can bounce ideas off one another. Their main goal is to create the highest quality finished product for you, giving them this platform to do so from will be very appreciated! 

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